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"Sorry" Is All That She Could Say

She didn’t know why she chose to behave that way, to just push him away. It all seemed perfect because in spite of their imperfections as individuals they created some perfect memories.


Flowers have always been a token of love, appreciation, and encouragement on different occasions – marriage, death, promotions, birthdays and so on. What’s their story?

Talking bodies

Talking bodies

We’re all just talking bodies, walking aimlessly, looking for soulshine, in deep dark valleys. Gurpreet Kaur / @gurrpreetkaur / Instagram

Two bodies one soul


Two bodies one soul, held together in deep love, through fiery storms. Matt Ferr / @matt.ferr / Instagram



Intrigued by kindness Fascinated by silence Drawn to opinions In love with the fight Attracted to his light


Where words reach out and fly away...

Silent Expressions

Just another weblog


Simple made easy! psychology love feeling emotion thought behaviour success strategy


Asla İdeallerinden Vazgeçme Asla! Never Give Up Your İdeals Never!

The Naga

Critical. Crazy. Catastrophic.

Inked Thoughts and Midnight Monologues

A fluid state of being with a memorable trail, through a river full of thoughts I sail. Leaving the labyrinths of a chaotic world behind, it’s a journey through the jungles of my subconscious mind.