RUINOUS – Mother earth or us?

While sitting in class listening to Isha Anand I felt like such a disgrace to our planet earth. As she said, we don’t just have to talk about doing stuff for the environment, instead feel the connect; feel the love. And deep down there I know it; I know I don’t feel it. As she spoke today it hit me so hard that I got down to think so deep about what the environment actually means to man.. What does it mean to me? Yes, it was time for some introspection.

For real, the environment is everything to me, to us. But I don’t realize it. As a matter of fact, none of us do except for just a few in a million. I take it for granted. And I hate myself for that. Yes, today I DO!!
I know for a fact that there is a lot that I’d really want to do for our planet Earth. But merely just “wanting” to do something is not the solution. And nor can I just go out there and plant a tree. That won’t help either. Or yeah, maybe it will. But that’s not what I really want to do. As I was told, you should “feel” it to make a difference and not just “want” to make a difference. Today after listening to all of it, I feel something, I feel guilt. But along with that I feel love for Mother Nature.
There was this important law that I learnt back in school in the 7th grade and it came back to me today during the orientation, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.. The Earth isn’t VINDICTIVE as we call her. It’s all just coming back to us. We are the cause of what the World is coming to; I AM THE CAUSE. It’s all done unconsciously, without realizing the consequences just cause I’m too busy satisfying my greed and selfish wants. Now I can’t make a BIG difference to this world, to this world filled with greedy people just like me. But, I can change my ways. I can change MY nature which will help change the fate of Mother Nature. If each of us change our ruinous ways, eventually we will succeed in stopping what’s happening. We can cease the worse scenario that is yet to come.
Yes, it’s difficult to face the fact that we really are the cause of it all, that we are the ones to blame. But till when are we going to deny the same? The Floods, the Tsunamis, the Hurricanes, the Glaciers melting? All the so called “Natural Calamities”? We have to wake up one morning and face the fact that these are the consequences of our vengeful ways, our doings. And yes, the world will come to an end because of us if this is how we continue to live!!

It’s in our minds that nothing will change by just one of us willing to do the same. But,when one changes, the other will too and it will go on. And like this we can save the Earth; OUR Mother Earth. If one rotten apple can spoil a whole lot of them; One good human being can better a whole lot of others too if the intentions and efforts are well determined. As the saying goes, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. I’d like to take that single step. I want to take that single step.
It is we who are out there destroying and extirpating Mother Earth in the process to make our lives “cozy” and “complacent”. But what is it worth if the Earth won’t even last that long as a result of this devastation? In the race to attain worldly satisfaction are we really happy? Clearly not.
The Earth is weeping. The “natural disasters” as we call them are her tears of sorrow and blood. She asks for help. What we don’t realize is that if the Earth dies, so do we. Is that what we really want? I don’t think so.
Putting a stop to all of is no solution; well it’s not even an option at this stage. But, we can slow it down and probably one fine day it WILL stop. She’ll stop crying!
Let’s not pretend to be ignorant about what is happening and spread the awareness around. Let’s not focus on the results, because nothing will change. Let’s focus on the change instead, for that will bring about marvelous results. This is what I believe in. I may not be able to make a huge difference in all of this, but I WILL make an effort as a responsible individual who enjoys everything that the Earth offers by spreading the awareness around. That’s the least I can do and I will do it.
We don’t own the Earth; we’re just temporary stake holders. It is not us who keeps the Earth alive but it she who provides us will all that we need. All that we own and boast about, the riches and the joys are merely supplementary to Nature. If we could just realize in time that we should live in sync with the Earth and not against it, this world would be a way better place to live in. In simple words, the Earth will be able to live and so will we. And if we still continue with our spiteful ways, the Earth with turn into a skeleton with no life very soon.
A Strong Desire Is The Starting Point Of An Accomplishment. I have it, do you?