We Don’t Remember Days, We Remember Moments

Memories are a momentous part of life.If we always live in the past, we’ll have no present to cherish. These memories may not guarantee a good future, but it lays a foundation; it sets a new beginning. However, before the new journey begins, the old one has to end.

I still hang in there. They’re all not necessarily nice ones, but they’re still memories. Very often I hold back so much in my mind, in my heart. But why? What is its worth after all? All for nothing! It’s good to cherish good memories, but that doesn’t mean we stop ourselves from making new ones. In fact, very often it isn’t even a memory, it’s merely our imagination.

We all have our share of not so nice moments. We can’t avoid them and what for anyway? It is rather desirable. It is better to lose a few of our battles than to give up without ever knowing what it would feel like. Like it’s said, practicality never goes to waste.

Very often we share the happiest memories of those moments that ended when they had to. We don’t live forever; similarly, moments don’t carry on a lifetime. They end, and new ones begin. A memory could be that of a place, a person or even a relationship. I have many memories. They sadden me but they also strengthen me. And that’s the beauty of these moments that leave behind memories. Nothing is ever to be regretted. All that happens in life happens because it’s meant to be. Mistakes are made, but we outdare them over time. Yes, there are moments when these complications get the better of us, but it’s up to us to dominate the situation at that point. There is a difference between a memory and hope; one speaks of the past and the other of the future. Yet the former is rather definite and beautiful than the latter. Hope, on the other hand is glorious. It’s something we should look forward to. It’s this hope that will father new memories; those that we not only fondle and appreciate but also benefit from.

They’re not just days to remember, but they’re moments to be cherished; not clung on to. Life should be lived in the present learning from the past to set a delightful future.