Love Is ..

We all have feelings and emotions. The question is, how do we express them? Here’s where love plays its role. You don’t fall in love just once, it could happen anytime, anywhere. It could be with the same person over and over, or with someone else after a heartbreak.
So, what is love? I can think over it for hours and yet never define it. You feel it. Love helps you find your way when you’re lost in a world that seems so astray. We’re told we’re alone in this world, but just the feeling of knowing that someone’s there somewhere for us doesn’t let us feel alone. Just the feeling of being loved even if it isn’t really true can make a difference. There are many words that describe it, and yet you feel you know nothing about it. Love can be felt in a moment or it could even take forever. Love just happens. You don’t plan it.
Love is finding your best friend in that one person you’re yourself with. We all have a past, there are times when we’ve thought we were in love, but deep down we knew for a fact it wasn’t meant to be. It’s about growing out of those memories and making new ones. It’s about realising the difference, about knowing what it’s like with the “right person”. They say anticipating is not good and so you’re told not to, but heartbreaks are a part of life too. It may be a sad stage you’re at, but you’ve also experienced the moments when you’ve felt ticklish just thinking about that same person and felt good about it. So why grumble?
There are days when we let each other down, but you know it is love when a true apology can make up for it all. You know you’re in love when that one person can make you smile on your worst days. When they can make you forget that you’re mad at them by giving you a simple hug. It’s writing letters to each other in this modern age of technology. It’s about feeling “special”; it’s about feeling “needed” by someone. It’s about spending a simple moment with them and yet thinking of it as one those most amazing moments ever. It’s as if it’s magical. Is it really? It’s about thoughts, experiences and fears too. Love is beautiful like a rose, to get to it you go through a lot of thorns, but it’s worth it all. Love is like the air, it’s all around you. At times it’s warm and at times it’s cool, you decide how you bear with it.
Love is experienced the way you wish to do so, it’s not defined. It is not bound to anyone or anything. It isn’t only about bringing out the best in each other, but also in you. That is the beauty of love. It’s innocent and still amorous. You don’t know where you’re heading when you’re in love, but still wish to go along that path. It’s risky, you’re not in a safe place but you still want to give it a shot, THAT is Love. Most of all, love understands what the world doesn’t. And yet, it’s so difficult to be expressed. You know you’re in love, but are scared to admit to the fact. Why is it so? It’s all about being spontaneous rather than going in accordance with a plan in mind. Life doesn’t always turn out to be as you expect it to be. Not everyone has a sorted life, in times like those you go with the flow.

Crushing is a type of love too. It’s true that crushes happen, but how often are they a lot like love? It’s not always about being madly in love with a person.