You should go and love yourself

Every new day is as though we’re beginning our life de novo. We don’t really grow older; we grow rather clearer as life transpires. Everything around us begins to culminate even though we’ve just half bloomed. We get so engaged into everything else around us but ourselves. At end of it when we choose our time of death, we’ve figured out almost all the chaos around us, but there’s one thing we barely know anything us, our own being.

We can never be perfect, but it’s more about learning about those very imperfections and taking responsibility. We can’t always cop a plea about our imperfections. That just curbs our growth as an individual. Love is free, and it’s very important to love yourself. There will be others to love us, but your existence is justified when it’s felt from within. And this will just help us evolve as a better human being in return.

Every moment is our life is precious and worth celebrating. There may be a few moments that are not as pleasant as the others, but there’s always a reason for the same. Dingy paths generally lead to a bright opening, and that’s what they are about. We’re born free to follow our hearts. The heart may not always be right, but that’s where the challenge lies. It’s said, the soul dwells deep down in the heart, and hence we must learn to harmonize with it. The rights and wrongs can be left to learn from and not be dreaded.

Hiding from yourself is far more ruinous than hiding from others. We’ve got to clear the storm within before prying for peace elsewhere. We’re all in need of “something” at every moment of our lives. And very often we fail to understand what that is. We make believe that we’re happy in our little shell, whereas the truth is pretty much the opposite. One thing is trying your best to understand everything around you, and it’s another thing just to explore the world. You’re not irking yourself in the latter to sort out the exploration; you just get high on those instances. And that is when you understand yourself. We just don’t realise it.

A lot happens around us, seldom do we pay heed to what’s really happening within. Close family and friends, different stages of life, acquaintances, situations they’re all going to come and go. Forever is a myth, so none of this lasts forever. You’re born with yourself and you die with that same heart beating within; that same mind thinking the way it does. It’s just piteous that in a whole lifetime we fail to understand ourselves; that one being that is your identity.

So while we still have it, why not understand it. Lovers and friends, they’ve got to understand themselves too. We feel too, and we can never demand love from another until we learn to love ourselves truly. Breaking out from the “make believe” world will save us. We may sin, but that doesn’t make us devils. We’re good, but that doesn’t make us angels either. It’s about figuring out the silver lining of our being and learning to handle ourselves at our worst. For when we can handle the worst, the best shall fall into place.

There is just one life for each of us: our own.

Learn it. Love it. Live it.