You Only Have To Know

Remember you do not have to struggle
You do not have to fight

You do not have to win

You only have to know

– Dad

I came across my first birthday card written to me by my father in which he quoted the above. Today as I’m trying my best to fight back the chaos in my life I realised it’s not required. It’s not always about hitting back, but understanding it too. Sometimes thinking too much, or even not thinking enough can get you into trouble. As of today, I’m not too sure of what I’ve turned out to be. All that exists around me is what I’ve created for myself. The friends that love me, well I must’ve done something to earn that. For those who hate me, I’ve given them a reason to. I fail to understand much of what happens around me. And then I think to myself, maybe it’s just meant to be. But that’s just a convenient escape, isn’t it? Losing friends? Hurting people? That’s definitely not meant to be. There are times like I’d say most of the time I consider myself to be in the right. But that’s justifying the mistakes I’m making. It’s always about proving my point to either the exogenous world or the endogenous one inside me.

Being a young teenager I don’t see any reason to feel stressed about life. Life’s meant to be enjoyed at this age, right? Yet, we’re burdened beings who have to really struggle to be happy. It’s piteous because we create these very “burdens” for ourselves. Nothing can ever affect us unless we allow it to. No one can ever take us down, unless we allow them too. After all the holy mess, you come to realise that you’re the very person who has created it. Why do we take everything so seriously at this age anyway? A heartbreak for instance, so what if you got dumped by someone you thought you were in “love” with. The world’s so large with a population that we cannot even state in just a word. Amidst all those people, there’s definitely going to be that one person who will love us. Or even the academics. No one is born intelligent; we acquire intelligence as we grow. It’s all part of a learning process, and not achieving one goal isn’t the end of the world. Yes, it is disheartening but there’s always another option. We just ought to know it. But we’d rather cry and seek for sympathies than make the right choice.

Many a times I feel we’re fighting too hard for our survival. It’s a privilege that we’ve been gifted with. No one can steal it away from us, so why fight for it? Be its master instead. Even though we’re linked to so many people, life’s best when you can live it for yourself. It brings about a satisfactions and vivacity. We all have days that cloud us, but instead of seeking for sunshine why not play in the rain instead? Young minds should be rose-colored.

We’re shaped by our own thoughts.
We make or break ourselves.
Taking life too seriously leads to the blues rather than sorting it out. Once you “know”, you feel alright. I’m not sure about everything happening for the best in our lives, but I know there’s always a reason for whatever happens. We just don’t figure out what they are, and we shouldn’t try too hard to either. Struggling in the battlefield of the mind will get us frazzled and when we “think” we’re in a better position, you’ve lost your peace of mind trying too hard to win it over. Retaining your childhood as you grow makes everything much simpler and rather beautiful to put up with. This should be knocked down. Living life in lovely moments is worthier than living life by figuring out solutions. It comes down to the way you think; it’s all a mind game.