The Inexperienced Heart Talks

Valentine’s Day is coming up and I have no plans. Yes, I have no plans. Many consider being “single” to be a great perk and there are many who think vice versa. Well where does that leave me amidst all the opinions?

Nothing like spending that one day with the one you “love”, but it’s not necessary we have a “special someone” with us always. We love so many people; why not spend it with them instead. Well anyway, we reserve this day for our “better half” as we call them. It’s going to be another year when I’m just to myself. No dates, no boyfriend, no special feeling but yet not all out of love.

Not Just A Feeling. It’s Me.

You don’t always need somebody to love, you can feel it too. And that is pretty important in itself. That one day when you probably come across that great person, you share that very love felt deep within. And that’s what I really look forward to. There’s a lot that crosses my mind all the time. I think about someone to go bananas over. The best part about this feeling, you never run out of it, not even for a second, even though at times we think it’s done with. It’s not just a feeling, it’s you, it’s me.

Coming back to what’s on my mind right now, I want to feel bloody special. But who cares but me eh? Yea, it came slamming back to my face. But then I thought to myself, there definitely is going to be someone who’s probably walking down some street or sipping on coffee or probably getting high and going crazy. Yes, he’s hanging in there too. Who knows if he’s with some lady too right now? J

Like every other girl I dream too. I wish too. I want to experience a moment, cry together, dream out loud, share a kiss, feel a little jealous, have arguments, feel stupid, laugh at each other with each other. I want to talk like we’re best friends, flirt like first loves, fight like the crankiest married couple and stand up for each other like brother and sister. And yea, that’s going to be a lot like love. And then who needs just one day among 365 days to feel loved or feel extra special.

The heart is forever inexperienced. Love just happens with anyone. Sometimes we’re left heartbroken, that is because there’s someone else who will mend it for us. Sometimes waiting for the “special” moment seems to be stupid, but then waiting for forever could be worth a lot. Forever is a myth, so it’s not really forever as we claim it to be. No one wants to be alone, neither do I! I just want to be caught before I fall.

“Something worth having is something worth waiting for”

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