To The Lady Who Laughs Like A Subtle Witch

“Yesterday brought the beginning, tomorrow brings the end.
And somewhere in the middle, we became the best of friends.”

I met this woman on the 22nd of July, 2008. That’s when it all started, that’s when WE started. We’ve seen each other around for years, and during all that time we just hated each other’s guts. It’s pretty ironic to what we share right now, but such is life. We do the unexpected!

The First Click
The first time we met we had the longest bus ride. We spoke about so much even though we didn’t know each other at all. Someone once asked me, “How could she even be your best friend, you’ll barely know each other?” Well time doesn’t always matter, the circumstances do too. From where we picked up to where we are right now, it’s all played a major role in the relationship we share. I’ve had many friends, but you’re special. You and I have been not just friends but each other’s counterparts, lovers, girlfriends, mothers, sisters, children and BEST FRIENDS. We’ve never had to say it out loud to understand what’s on our minds. We’ve known when the silence was required; we’ve known when we had to “talk”. From all seriousness to utter stupidity, we’ve been through that journey.

High Days

Oh so many people just hate us. We’re told when we’re together we’re like a house on fire. We’re evil. But who cares! Evil is good. Isn’t it?

It’s all a very common story. Mother’s diaries to sibling woes. Oh, the boyfriend talkies. We just hate each other’s choices, don’t we? But that just holds true to being best friends. Sadly enough (for the boys), it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t tear us apart, we bitch about them together. 

The Good Night
We’ve gotten high together, danced together, sung together, laughed together (at others and each other), taken people down together, we’ve gone stupid together, we’ve cried together, we’ve consoled each other and even got mad at each other. During all these moments we just drew closer. We’ve talked about our future, but never let go of our present. There have been times when we had nothing to say to each other, but just standing beside each other was important.

It’s Been A Journey Of Beautiful Moments
You’re the old lady, and I’m the kid. Yet, I’m the smarter one and you’re the confused bum. Thank God for the times we have the role reversals, because what would I do without you? No turning to anyone else you see. Should I call you my counterpart or my better half? Well, in short you’re a crucial part of me.

Two and a half years of gayness, and I look forward to many more years of more gayness. 
PS. I You