Two Souls, One Thought – Wonderful Weddings ♥

I am a wedding buff. Yes, I want a marriage someday, a good one. But weddings, they take me in awe. Everything about a wedding? I adore. From the colours, to the balloons, to the entourage, to the music, to the food and finally the couple. We could be in a relationship for a long while, but when we get married it’s a new beginning, a new starting point of happiness with the one we’ve chosen to stand by for the rest of our lives. A wedding comprises of something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. It’s two souls longing to say “I Do”.

Watch the glow on the to-be wedded couples faces from the preparations to the moment you say “I do” to leaving your parents to start anew, that elates me. But what excites me the most is THE day. It is very chaotic, but as you watch the families and the couple prepare for this very special day in their lives you see a medley of emotions amidst the din. While everyone is busy getting the arrangements organised, the bride and groom are spotted cherishing these very moments. As they get ready, you see them smiling to themselves.

It’s a dream of every girl to have a beautiful wedding. A wedding that will be one of the most cherished days in her life. As she puts on her gown and jewellery you notice a glow, a different glow. You see a subtle animation on the bride’s face. It’s an animation you’ll never see otherwise. As for the groom, he suits up to his best. From head to toe, he’s as handsome as can be. The bright smile on his face tells of the excitement he feels at that moment. There is no doubt about the fact that it’s a day he’s looked forward for a long while as well. It is definitely a wedding he’s thought much about. They don’t just choose a date, they choose absolutely everything that makes the wedding day the day that it turns out to be.

I have a few favourite moments at a wedding. Going in order of preference, the dance that the father and daughter have holds a special place in my heart. From teaching his daughter to take her first steps to giving her away at the altar, you see them lost in all those moments as they dance. It’s in his eyes, he loved her first. A father is always the first man in a girl’s life, but from that day on she steps into the arms of her man. During those few minutes you sense the love of a father running deep. This is a moment I know I will miss out on my wedding day. It hurts, but then again dancing with a spirit is pretty illustrious too.

My second favourite moment would be that moment when the bride and groom read out their vows. The couple standing before their family and friends are simply lost into each other’s faces as they say “I do”. Promising each other to just be there with all their heart, what could ever beat that? As they put a ring on each other they pledge their devotion and exhibit the fact that they’re one from then on. That moment depicts some emotion. Being hand in hand, that’s just a perfect camera moment.

Overall weddings they say are overrated. Why not? It’s your wedding day. You want it to be great and special even if it is a small wedding. It is that day, besides your birthday and some other important days in your life when it’s all about you. What makes it more special this time, you’re not alone in this. It’s about celebrating the togetherness with someone you love more than yourself and feel happy about. What I find the sweetest is how when everyone’s eyes are on you, you still find a moment or two to escape the attention and just hold each other’s hand and enjoy a moment. These make the day more special than the grand wishes and gifts. As you watch the couple stay hand in hand from when they walk out of the church to the first dance till they leave the hall, you see the naughtiness but you also see concern, you see a little nervousness but then you see love.

And after the big day, after all the good wishes, after all the dining and dancing they take their goodbye shot. That just completes the amazing day that happened, a day that was surrounded by tears and laughter.

After all that, they’re happily married. Plain awesomeness displayed in just a day.