Being Losers, Each Other’s Losers

It’s so tragic when a teenage relationship doesn’t work out. But why is it so difficult for a young heart to face facts and move on? Being human eh? And for those who can switch their boyfriends and girlfriends every once in a while, should we call them heartless? It is actually a friendship that gets more special than the usual, or so I believed. And that’s what’s losing its charm lately. No longer do we seek for a friend in our “boyfriend” or “girlfriend”. In fact, I fail to understand what is sought for anyway. We give the older generation the wrong idea, and then we expect them to understand.

I always thought, and still do, that it was more about discovering life and all that happens around with this someone special to share what we feel. It’s not fun alone, it’s not fun with the usual friends and it’s definitely not fun with family. When a mystery unfolds, there’s so much of excitement. At that point you want someone who will take you seriously, who will just listen to you and have nothing else on their minds, no matter how stupid it is. You want to share your dreams and ambitions with this person and listen to what they believe in too, telling each other how cool they are when the rest of the world thinks we’re crazy. It’s about going totally whacko together and then laughing it out. No one else would understand that, would they? Walking hand in hand, making fun of all that happens around us, teasing each other every once in a while. In short, just keeping it healthy and yet fun. Not to forget, sitting together and enjoying good food, appreciating good movies and at the same time mocking the stupid ones. I’d love to hear about his sporty encounters and about the soccer matches that didn’t interest me until that moment. I’d love to tell him about how I broke my nail, and how that small incident made me cry. I’d love to sit with him and watch WWE and then we’d show each other our signature shots and just share the best moments that way. On one bright day, sit and cook together, food that’s totally not edible and still find it to be the tastiest dish ever and after the good food dance together, stepping on each others’ feet, laughing so hard till our stomachs hurt. Arguing anywhere, like it’s no else’s business.  And in this modern age, we’d still write love letters to each other. We’d sit someplace just scribbling my first name with his last name, not because we’re considering marriage but simply because the thought of seeing those two names together brings a smile to our faces. This childish behaviour, which many consider immaturity sadly, is what turns the whole relationship into something so much better than a supposed mature one.

Finding that one *fish* in the sea who turns into a *boy* when kissed

Being a girl, if there’s one reason I’d want that special friend, a *boyfriend* would be to make me feel like a woman but then at the same time, like a girl too. I would want him to be there to help me be responsible like a woman but stick to the innocence of a young girl. It’s during all these moments that we share, the infatuation that we feel for each other culminates into love. At that point who thinks about the future, and why think about the future and miss out on the present. I don’t want the “right” man. I just want that cute boy who makes me happy. And I’m sure the guy doesn’t need another mother telling him what to do and what not to, but instead a girl who’d sneak around with him being equally stupid and yet look out for him. One that will let the boy in him go wild in his ways, but at the same time make him feel like a man of great pride. And for just thinking this way we maybe losers, but we’ll be each other’s losers.

After all, we’re just girls and boys. Let’s save the drama for the men and women.