We Are What We Cook Up

Dreams are a notable part of life. We have delightful dreams and nasty nightmares. More often than we even realise, we live those very dreams or nightmares. It isn’t so much about the scientific dreams that I’m talking about here, but more those that we look forward to. These dreams get us excited, they get us thrilled. They’re so difficult to get over. We have dreams about our goals and ambitions, about the companions we’ll be with, about the way our lives will unfold. It’s on the basis of these dreams that we claim to see life. After all it’s not just the present, but the anticipation of the future that drives our purpose of living. Be it the next day we’re talking about, or simply the next moment.

There comes a time, when your pie in the sky is right before you. It’s calling out to you but you can’t reach out to it. You can’t claim it to be yours. Life can get pretty unfair times. Or maybe, there’s a reason. I’d like to think the latter way. Calling life unfair sounds pretty vicious in a way. If life were unfair, there wouldn’t be any happy moments at all. It’s more like a journey filled with paradox. It turns out to be warm and gelid; at times it could seem to be meaningful and silly. But more than variety, it’s this very paradox that makes life what it is, it is that spice.

You Hustle What You See

The dreams seem beautiful but the road is tough. The nightmares, they’re bizarre from beginning to end. Amidst all that stew we seek a safe haven. A place that’s snug. Pre good times we face dire straits. Very often we even give up. We fail to trust ourselves and our doing. It is then that the safe haven helps us to start over. Starting over doesn’t mean quitting but just replenishing the determination and faith within. A prediction is like a dream too. Yes, it will be reality tomorrow but till then it’s all an aspiration not any hallucination. These very dreams are not as complicated as they’re thought to be. The reality is; what we do with those very dreams is. It’s important to realise that we shouldn’t define ourselves by what we do, because that is circumstantial. Instead define ourselves by who we are. And we are what we dream. And dreams are innocent. They’re beautiful.