He Lived And I Watched How A Good Man Lived

I Miss You For Mum And The Little Boy
Who Couldn’t Get To Know You Like We Did

The days can never be forgotten

Specially the one when you’d gone away
Who would’ve ever thought?
It was not just any moment but the last day
You were a man of your own principles
A man who held no envy
For all the things that you did
I can’t repay, my hands are empty
You told me to do my best
And today there is no shoulder upon which I could rest
Your passing, who would ever suspect
But know Daddy, I still regret the neglect
When asked, “How are you coping?”
There is no reason to pretend
Life isn’t a smooth journey
But I had to stay strong for all our wounds to mend
You’re not here in person
That’s understood by just a few
But Dada, my hero
Please believe me when I say, “I still love you”