Mr. Noronha ~ He Had Hair Of Silver And A Heart Of Gold

You’re Loved, You’re Missed.

Papa Joe raised six beautiful children

One of them is my mother
It is because of this upbringing
Today, life is anything but a bother
I don’t remember much of him
As I was a little girl when it was time for him to go
But I know he was a man of good discipline
A good friend to all and the best teacher one could know
He loved his wife
And watched out for his family too
He never cribbed about his living
Even though his blessings were just a few
Every moment we pray for you
It’s just to let you know that we still love you
We see you from our parent’s eyes
And we learn your ways from them in disguise
You were a good husband, a great father
You were a true family member
For the little about your life that we know today
We’re sure you’d be the best grandfather in every way
Grandma spoke about you with great pride in her eyes
She told us about your care for those in dismay
Please know, we are glad to have you as an angel
Who watches over us each day
Years have gone by
And your grandchildren were not fortunate enough to see you
But even though there were no memories except a name
Forever we will miss you.