He’s All That. But Could He Be All This?

Every girl draws an image about the boy she wants to be with. I have an image in mind too. No, it doesn’t include “A Good Sense of Humour” or “Intelligence”. Everyone possesses those qualities naturally right?

I like to dig in differently. It’s like a five factor theory.

Factor 1: He MUST wear a good *perfume* [I’m an old spice fan btw!]

Factor 2: Smart dressing is any day hotter than the stupid *cool* attire.

Factor 3: Shoes, oh good shoes. Boys wearing slippers? That’s such a turn off.

Factor 4: A lean guy has his own charm. Not necessarily athletic but not fat either. That isn’t too much to ask for eh.

Factor 5: Good English. A good diction. I could just listen. I need no intelligent talks. Boys who speak well, they have a certain flair about them that is simply attractive. He could talk, even if it’s stupid, I’d be in awe.

PS. There’s an additional factor to the five factor theory, one that would sweep me off if genuine.
Factor 6: He should be the guy who’d make me the coffee instead of buying me one. (He could go on with more food, there’s always room for more pampering)

Oh I like boys who are sporty and boys who are into music. That’s all secondary. You’re all this or you’re nothing at all. First impressions, they say, last a lifetime. I’d go for the smart guy rather than the cool guy. 

*You can be all that and still be nothing at all*

 I want no prince charming with the best personality. The boy next door is rather appealing.