The Human Race, literally!

If we stop and look at ourselves, we’ll realise we’re always in a rush to reach some place or meet someone. Maybe that is why we’re known as the Human Race. There’s always chaos in order to communicate. There are people moving about without a break. When one stops, the other is just about to begin. For most of us it’s pretty messy and difficult. More often that we even realise, we miss out on the opportunities that would’ve saved our lives from being the way it is. We miss out on saying what we should or what we need to do at the right moment.

It’s a mad world and we’re part of this mad world. Unlike previously, where one lives within his limits it’s very different today. Nothing seems to be enough for anyone. Be it education we’re talking about or a simple job. Every one wishes to reach the pinnacle. Simply put, a student scoring 99% isn’t intelligent enough; he lacks 1% of intelligence. It’s pretty amusing to the lay man. What are we thinking after all? How many of us really work in the field that we’ve studied? For instance, where did Mr. Ambani really matriculate from? He still managed to create India’s biggest business empire. They’re all just figures that gain you some respect for that period and after all while it’s just gone with the wind. What happens after wards is what counts. What we really do with our lives is what counts.

Race To Which Pinnacle
Today, it’s not about achieving the best for ourselves. It’s more about how we can out beat our competitor. I fail to understand the satisfaction gained with such an attitude. Instead of really doing what we like, we work to prove how efficient we are in the given field and in the bargain we lose the ability to feel happy. When we miss the boat to success, we reach out for unfair means. Eventually, we’re made to taste our own bitter ways. How could we ever forget, “What Goes Around, Comes Around.”

Not everyone can be the best. And we don’t need every human racing to achieve the best. The smallest achievement is still a great feat. People in the different walks of life make the World the place it is today. But I guess, it’s not called the Human Race for nothing at all.