To a relationship shared between two beautiful souls – Twenty years and counting

Twenty years ago fate brought you’ll together
Over time your love just grew bigger
Nineteen years ago you’ll were blessed in the sacrament of holy matrimony
Today, despite the distance your relationship depicts pure beauty
The best of weddings last just for a day
But good marriages last forever, they say
You’ll set a good example by your way of living
Having you as our parents is a true blessing
You are the pillars of our family
Despite all the troubles, you always held us closely
This is a special day you ought to spend with one another
Maybe not in body but in spirit you are together
Happy anniversary Mum and Dad
You were meant to be, a marriage so rare
You faced it all hand in hand, through good and bad
And showed the world that all you need is some love and a lot of care.

Picture Perfect

We are glad to be the fruits of a marriage as real and true as yours.
Love Kieran and Chriselle.