Fashions May Dim, Your Style Will Make The Cut

“It’s not the clothes you wear, it’s how you wear them.
It shouldn’t be because you have to wear them but because you want to wear them.”
Model For Yourself

Fashion could be defined by anyone. What a person wears is his or her own fashion statement. Coming from a background that knew nothing about clothes or accessories or fashion for that matter to moving to place that actually focused on brand value and how one dressed, it’s been quite an experience. I’ve had my phases of wanting to own various stuff, be it from a variety of shoes to dresses to a plain pair of shorts. What suits one may not suit the other but that doesn’t make it ugly. Everyone makes a statement in their own way or at least that is what I choose to believe. Sometimes, they go bizarrely wrong. It’s remarkable though when one manages to get ahead of that one disaster and come forth with a great wonder.

Being a college student it’s more about affordable clothes. Oh yes, I’d want to own clothes from the best and biggest fashion houses. But then, as of now they’re dreams. Even though clothes off the streets are common, there’s a reason people buy them. You don’t need a brand name all the time. Besides, each person has a different way to wear their clothes, which is a plus point. However, for those who choose to clone up, it’s a pity. Why would one want to lose their own identity? The way you dress does define you. You could be sharp, you could be messy, you could be chic, you could be classy, you could be anything you want to be!

Nothing goes off the rack, it’s just a web created by the commercial world to trap people to buy their apparel. You can wear the outfit you want when you like. There are people who dress for the sake of it and there are people who dress because it makes them happy. One may look down on people who just shop till they drop; they’re often called the leisured ones. But no one realises that it’s just an activity one chooses to do because it probably makes them happy. And I see nothing wrong in wanting to feel happy. Why would you? While for some it’s because they have to, for the others it’s because they want to.

No one’s given the right to mock another’s style of dressing. You may dislike it but you needn’t make fun of another. Style comes from within, it isn’t exogenous. I know a girl who can carry off vans and a simple tee paired with jeans and look different – a cool different. Within the same friends circle, I know of a girl who will wear simple cotton shirts which depict a sort of naturalness but then again she makes a statement of her own, that of comfort in the clothes she wears. I once read, “Only Great Minds Can Afford A Simple Style.” Amidst the whole brand loyalty phenomena that we follow today we tend to lose of our own brand value. One’s sense of fashion may fade away over a period of time or due a simple change in one’s lifestyle, be that as it may one’s style is really immutable. It’s everything and more! It’s quite satisfying to have a collection of fine clothes from the best stores but one should never forget to keep it stylish. It comes down to walking across a street with confidence rather than in doubt of your own attire.

I’m no fashionista. It’s just something I got thinking about. You don’t need to be a crucial part of the industry to know it all or to be given the right to talk about it, right? It’s a quality that comes from within, one that everyone possesses. You build up the image for yourself, there’s no harm to develop a little interest in the way you dress. Keep it naturally stylish J