My Living Prayer ~ All That I Hope To Be

You Are So Beautiful To Me

For every woman, marriage is a dream

Following which is another dream, that of motherhood
From those very nine months to these 18 long years
You bore with me, you stood by me, you lived for me, you lived with me

Family means so much to everyone
For me, for most of my life you alone have been my family
You’ve been the closest to me
You’ve watched me grow from a seed to the girl I am today

We argue enough to bring a roof down someday
I disrespect you at times but you still turn around with care
You’ve just hoped for the best
But I misunderstood it to being an interference instead

My apology can’t cure the pain I’ve caused you
I’d thank you instead for putting up with me
As ungrateful as I may have been
You’ve never stopped loving me the same

You’ve a been fantastic wife and an amazing mother
But what I personally adore is how you manage to be a good human being
No matter how big or small a bother
You are all about giving

I can’t replace the spot of your man in your life
But I hope to make a place of my own in it
One that you will be proud of someday
Without any regret whatsoever 

I didn’t say it once; I do not want to repeat that mistake again. Today I know how important it is to acknowledge, how important it is to say all you have to say. There are so many people in the World who are blessed with the best riches but they lack the love of a family. You gave me that. It’s beyond all the worldly pleasures. I may never say this out loud, but it’s true. As long as you’re around me, I feel safe. Nothing can ever get to me.

You’re someone I can never be but I hope I get close. You must know, it’s not about how people feel about you , it’s about how you feel about yourself. You must think highly of yourself because you are beautiful as a person. You inspire me.

You’re my living prayer. When I think of the tough times I’m going through, I know I have you with me and it makes a huge difference. You held me as an infant, you’re holding me now. Thank you for being my mother. It makes me feel so fortunate. Could there be better mothers in the world? Maybe! Do I want any of those better mothers? No! You’re the best to have happened to me.

Happy Mother’s Day!
 I Love You, Mama.