However Long The Night, The Dawn Will Break

Bad things happen to everyone. Call it fate, call it life or call it destiny. We’re all bound to face bitter circumstances. It can’t always be a bed of roses right? But does one blow in our faces mean we should end our lives? I beg to differ! I once read that failure is an event – never a person. The income of what we’ve attempted may fail but that doesn’t mean that we are faulty. We make bad choices sometimes, we chase our dreams far too deep, we take the wrong decisions – but that’s alright. These wrong turns should help us find the right path and not the chamber of death.
Dreams Are Forever. Don’t Stall Them.
For many, suicide seems to be an easy escape to the problems they face. How can you miss out on the fact that suicide is irrevocable? Once it is done, there is no turning back. As much as we owe our lives to God and to our families, we owe it to ourselves too. Yes, there are times when we are afflicted with more pain than we can handle. The human nature isn’t so weak that it can’t deal with such situations. Whatever it is that may depress us is what we’ve caused for ourselves. So if we’ve created the problem we’ve got to fight it back too. The answers do not lie in an escape from life instead they lie in facing these very disputes.
Why does another get to control our lives? We’re human yes and that’s where the answer lies. We’ve been gifted with life, not just any form of life, but that of a human being. We’ve been given the ability to feel and think. It’s our duty to use it conscientiously. Eventually, we’re all going to be hurt but a happy life is worth fighting for. We shouldn’t abuse this gift that we’ve been given. We could be born as another living creature. Would we enjoy the privileges like we do now? We’re going to die someday in any case. So why kill ourselves a day or two earlier? You never know, we could just a find a reason to live during that time. As much as we may have bad situations there happen to be a few good ones too, which are worth living for. We feel a lot of things but we rarely act on those. Sadly, when one feels suicidal they choose to act on that feeling rather submissively. Why not act on the feeling that caused these suicidal thoughts instead? One wouldn’t be in that dilemma.

Everyone looks forward to a better future, one far better than their present or past. But if we end our lives what’s left to look forward to? Nido Qubein quoted, “Your present circumstances don’t determine where you can go; they merely determine where you start.” Being sensitive is a good thing; we just fail to use it in the right manner. We can be sensitive about ending our lives due to the trauma we face but we can’t be canny enough to consider that we still have our lives in our hands and respect that. There are many people out there who do not wish to die. And here, one debacle in life and we make up our minds to overthrow our being.

Goodbye – To What Provokes Such Thoughts
I may not understand what one with suicidal thoughts is going through and I’m no expert with people. He/she has the right to do their will. But when one calms down and gets over whatever they’re feeling and going through they will realise that things can get better. We just have to give it a shot. We have to make room for those who wish to stand by us and let go of those who caused the pain and anxiety. Despite an umpteen amount of suffering there is always room for overcoming, and shouldn’t be forgotten. Martin Luther King once said, “We must accept finite disappointment, but we must never lose infinite hope.”

There are so many people who commit suicide across the World. Why the permanent solution to a temporary problem? Let it not be the easy way out but a tough fight back to living.

It’s Never Too Late To Hope