Mr.Nice v/s False Promising Herd: Do Not Judge Instead Know For Real

Here’s something one can debate over for hours together. When a guy gives you a second look, what’s his reason? Is it because of what you are or who you are? Holding that thought in a girl’s mind, it’s so difficult for her to make a choice. While some may deny the fact that all they want is the girl’s body even though that is what is really on their mind, I appreciate the existence of those guys who have the guts to admit they got attracted to a girl for her appearance. Having said that, beginning a relationship based on that aspect isn’t wrong but what if that is the basis of your entire relationship? Considering there are so many good looking people in the world, how can one guarantee not falling for someone else tomorrow? It would be wrong for me to judge the whole male herd just because a few jerks follow a lifestyle as such. I’m sure there are men around the World who love a woman for who she is.

It’s wrong to have an attitude that works against men all the time. It’s true that the world is filled with lustful men but generalizing them is wrong. We’ll never know unless we give it a shot. At times we learn the hard way too but it just leaves us stronger in its wake. When I say give it a shot, I don’t mean be submissive to all that he asks for. But instead get to know him deeply. How long can one fake his nature, right? If he isn’t for real and all he wants is the intimacy, he’ll give up at some point. While you desire a reason to make love to him, all he needs is a place. Lust just pushes away while love won’t die that easily, it’ll stay. It’s human to get intimate and that’s needed for a relationship too. But that being the only reason your relationship is working? That would be a worry! As for guys who behave the way they do to fit in, make them realise that it’s a girl’s feelings they’re playing with. They can actually achieve something to prove their coolness and not treat a girl like she’s some doll off the street.

More often than not, we’re to blame because of the choices we make. We choose to believe the fake promises rather than appreciate the earnest actions by someone who really cares. If you’re not being treated right by guy, there is no use waiting for him to change. Dump the disgrace to the male population and look out for one who actually respects you. Do not judge every guy based on an experience you’ve had in the past. Just because you’ve been an option for one doesn’t mean you can’t be a priority for another. You’ll know it’s true when he cares for you even when you make mistakes and will stick around no matter how bad you make him feel. That doesn’t mean you can take them for granted, they’re few, cherish them.

Dare to dream about the good men because they do exist and they dream about you too J