Wicked Little Thing Called Music

We would all agree that the central essence of our being is music. Be it the chirping of birds on an early morning or the loud thunder on a stormy night or even the unison of various instruments at a recording studio. One said, “Life without music would be a mistake.” It’s so true. Think of living in silence, it would kill. Whether a friend is by our side or not, music always is. It doesn’t necessarily have to be our iPod plugged in but even the wind has a harmony of its own. We don’t always need someone hearing us out but listening to a song that can be related to makes one feel like there could be someone somewhere who feels the way they do.

Yes, we listen to songs because of their melody and choose our favourites probably because of the vocals. But above all that, for a casual music lover, you like a song because of its lyrics or just the way the song is sung because it reminds you of a situation or a certain someone. The existence of song is beautiful but it can be a little mean dog at times too, can’t it? So I’ve realised across the past few months atleast. While at one point listening to a song brought a smile to my face, today, when it started playing I was stirred by a flash from the past. There was a day when I listened to it because I felt love but as that feeling faded away I stopped listening to that certain song. Today, as it played among the other songs on my playlist I couldn’t help but feel nostalgic and think about why I fell in love with that song in the first place. Music is lovely but it’s pretty wacky like that. It’s there for you when you’re in love and when you fall out of it, music’s right around the corner to resurface lurking feeling and before we even know it we tend to relive those very unwanted feelings. Certain relationships are pretty typical and unremarkable but it’s wicked how a simple song makes it feel rather important.

While music makes us happy it also makes us sad. While one song speaks of good times one has had another could speak of a rather blue phase you’ve been through. It’s quite a mystery but not an unwanted one. When we listen to a set of good songs to lighten up our moods, it’s a great thing. But creating a play list with all the possible depressing songs in our library to feel more depressed? Quite dubious of us. Music is so damn influential and brilliant in its own way. It can either uplift your day or dishearten your mood. In short, it’s what our feelings really sound like.

I love it. But there are times when I wake up and delete what depresses me from my library and feel released. Don’t you?