Death Brings About Life In Its Own Way

The power of death has no bounds. While on one hand it can be devastating on the other hand, I’ve realised, it could be equally consolidating. In death, while one life has ended others evolve.

Some choose to end their lives by choice while some are taken away. There is nothing you can do about it once they’re dead and gone. Either we can grieve over their death and not move on or we could accept their death and value our gift of life. Sometimes you may wonder, why them and not us? There could or couldn’t be a valid reason to that. But the fact that we’re still living, we might as well enjoy it. There is no harm in loving yourself.

I’ve seen death face to face far too many times in the recent years. And after all that, there have been moments when I’ve thought that it could’ve been me too. What if it was? Would I be happy with the way I’ve lived this far? There are going to be many things I wished I did or didn’t do. But while I still have time at my disposal I’d rather enjoy life in my own way. I’d rather focus on feeling the joy and spreading it around than feeling sad about something that can’t be undone. The power of death is thus deep. While one soul may enter the afterlife, those associated with it are revived.

Anyone can die but to live is enduring. Death can bring about that endurance.