Fondly Loved But Often Taken For Granted

Taking someone for granted is the most pitiable move one can ever make in any relationship. Be it in that of a parent-child relationship, one romantic in nature or a simple friendship. It may give one a high because of the fact that you’re being trusted but after a while it tends to mean nothing but being a person to turn to when everything else isn’t as comfortable as it were. Just because you don’t demand to be loved back doesn’t mean you’re around to be taken for granted. I fail to understand the idea of treating those who love you like your shadow just because you know for a fact, no matter what – they will be there for you. You can take someone for granted only when you have it in your mind that you’ll have it all. But what if you won’t? It doesn’t take long for someone to step back and yearn for real affection, rather affection that is expressed more often.

No matter how long you choose to stick around for, after one point, you get sick of it. In simple words, it’s called being human. Who are we kiddin’ anyway? Value what you have while it lasts. You have no clue what tomorrow holds, none of us do.

Respect your parents while they’re alive rather than praising them once they’re dead. Tell your lover you love them every moment you can. Make your friend feel special while they’re still around. Make that one call or send that one message despite your busy schedule. What if there is no tomorrow? Do not assume that the other person doesn’t care. Do your part by making it known to them that “you” care, any and every moment that you can and appreciate every relationship you have. J