Love’s tragedies

Everyone has their share of infidelity at least once in their lives. Either they cheat on someone or have been cheated on. Having said that, you can either feel betrayed and choose not to move on or you can get a hold of yourself and slap the bitch back in her face. For a very long time, you think about whether you’ll get on top of the mess, whether you’ll stop loving someone who cares less about you. But will you? More like, do you?

How do you just stop loving someone? I don’t think I ever stopped. You probably care less. You probably don’t love them anymore. But you do love what you shared at some point in your life, don’t you? How do you come to hate someone you once loved, or at least “thought” you loved?

It is funny how someone tells you they love you and yet cheat on you. But as funny as it seems it’s equally painful. Talk about the irony in relationships.

You choose to believe in someone and when you’re betrayed, you’re devastated. The truth is, you can be betrayed only you allow it. And you allow it when you love someone. Of course, it could work both ways. It could be your fault too. There’s a difference between a mature relationship and a rather “serious” one. While one believes in giving two people their own space, the other would question the necessity of the individual’s space in the first place.

It’s unfair but it’s life. Some relationships stay with you, some don’t. You can’t forget and can seldom forgive. But it’s true, you are going to find someone who WILL value you someday. Smile about that than cry over someone who wasn’t meant for you. Tragedies, they occur for their own reason.

“You can be stronger than the day before if you choose to be.”