Denial or Acceptance – Imperfections Are Part Of Life

Smoking as a habit, isn’t good or bad. I like calling it a “personal choice”. I still however fail to understand how it works as an anti depressant. Pretty obviously, it’s all in the mind. As for those who smoke because it is “cool”? Gee, GET A LIFE!

It’s amusing how one chooses a certain habit and yet speaks against it. You choose to do it but you’re ashamed to admit it or should I say scared because you know it won’t speak highly of you. Why does one choose such habits in the first place? You call yourself a “good” friend and yet do not have the guts to really admit to what you do. If you can’t be honest with your friends or your parents for that matter, how can you be so sure about being honest with yourself? If one’s relationship is based on some fake impression created, these turn out to be momentary.

The fact that you choose to smoke, I’m sure you deem it to be right. Then why would you be reluctant to say it out loud? You can’t hide it forever from someone you wish to be with.

If you choose to follow a certain way of life, have the balls to stand up for it. If nothing else, you’ll be respected for being honest about who you are and what you do – I certainly respect people’s choices just as I would expect someone to respect mine. Everyone makes their own choices. They could be good or bad according to God, your family and friends, the society or even science but it’s still a choice. If you’ve made it – don’t deny it. That’s a little hypocritical, don’t you think? Just because you smoke or drink or do drugs, it  doesn’t make you a bad person.

If one can bring about an element of lies and fake promises in a relationship for just a habit they “claim” to be addicted to, it’s a pity! If someone cares for you, hear them out. You don’t have to put what you do to a stop, do you? If they really love you, they’ll understand. A habit won’t break the relationship. You hiding or running from the truth will because someday somehow they will just know.