You and I – Beyond The Sky


You and I, I have no clue what we are

But that doesn’t stop me from going bizarre
I don’t like it that I like you the most
Or that you don’t bore me with your silly boasts
Arguments, they make relationships fun
Without which, the day’s never done
You always make these seem so simple
And I’d have to agree, as to my eyes they always brings a twinkle
We have our own secrets
Because nothing this good could really be perfect
We have our share of hugs and fights
And so I know everything is just alright
We’re distant but not afar
I just love the way we are
And these lines barely have a pattern of rhyming
But oh boy, as long as you understand this loving
You’re that pal I love talking to
The one I sweetly value
We can laugh, cry, yell or tease
And forever be the same old buddies
Stay With Me