Not A Sign Of Weakness But An Indication Of Life

Have you ever stared into space and just wanted to cry? Or walked down a street and felt overwhelmed? It’s a weird feeling but out of nowhere you just want to shed a tear and no it’s not depression. You just want to cry. You can feel weird about it or just consider it reasonable.

After a long day that comprised of uncalled for events, maybe not that dramatic in nature but of some significance to you, you just want to cry. For a student it could be getting yelled at in class or for a girl it could be not finding those perfect ear-rings to wear, for a boy it could be missing getting on the football squad, for a working woman it could be not getting that pay raise she’s worked so hard for, for a man it could be not getting that promotion he expected, for an elderly person it could be just some old song from their archives. It’s not always about life – changing serious moments but simple moments that make you want to cry.

Then again you do have notable events in your life that make you cry. You’re sitting on your bed and you just realise you’ve lost something or someone so dear to you and you won’t have them back even if you begged. You have it for a moment and in the next, it’s gone, just like the wind and you’re left clueless staring into space. You fight back the grief when it hits you but when you’re left alone, strangely it all comes back to you from some old hat. And you realize how alone you really are. Like they say, you’re born a cipher and you die one. All that you achieve or have while you live doesn’t mean much after all. The thought of knowing that you’re going to turn to dust and so will all your worldly possessions, brings tears to your eyes. It’s a simple truth of life but it’s equally difficult to fathom. But it’s reasonable to shed a tear. After all, it’s scary to know tragedies as such.

It’s not just the repugnant encounters in life that make you cry but simple moments are likely to bring a tear to your eyes too. Knowing that you’re loved, for that matter, makes you feel so special. When you’re frustrated with everything and everyone around you and you have that one friend who’s still good to you, you’re left in awe of one’s goodness and want to cry. People wonder how you can have different types of tears. But apparently you do and that’s the beauty of a human being. You have tears of sorrow and tears of joy. You can think back to the day you were born or to the day you got your first pay check and feel so happy that you want to cry. Each time I see an infant, it makes me cry. They are so pure in thought and innocent at heart, you can see it in their eyes. When you walk back to your bed at night and think about those eyes, you just have a tear rolling down your cheek and you don’t even know why.

Crying alone comes naturally to all of us, crying with someone – that’s not usual. Sometimes you’re embarrassed or sometimes it just doesn’t feel right because you know you’re making it awkward for that friend. But it’s not about getting a comforting answer but a comforting shoulder to lean on. Knowing that, I still fail to use a friend.

After all that, one may call me a “bucket full of tears”, a “drama queen” or a “soft soul” – I just sat back and thought to myself – It’s okay to cry. In fact, I’d say, cry with me.