Be That Douche And You Will Be Liked

The nice guys always wonder why girls choose the douche bags over them. There’s a reason, duh!

A girl doesn’t always want “perfect”. That’s too ideal to fathom – more like fishy. And I wouldn’t get that ambitious.

An asshole, you can always change his ways. Or maybe, he would want to change them for you. At that point, you know he’s for real because he didn’t change for anyone else. Whereas the nice guys, they’re usually nice to everyone. And probably when he’s expressed his love or adoration for another pretty girl, he’s meant it. How do you know for sure, he means it the same way when it comes to you? Just, how? We don’t just “use” good boys, the way the put it. They’re friends, they’re valued. But they’re a reason they’re just friends and nothing beyond that. After all, everything does happen for a reason. Doesn’t it!

Nice guys on one hand, they have it all. Do you really want it all? What’s left to discover? They crib they’re sidelined. But boss, we don’t want the “oh so intelligent man” who has got the “perfect” solution to everything or some frank opinion about an issue. What’s left for us to look out for then? Getting into a relationship is like cracking a deal where two people ought to work things out. It’s that journey you set of making a few changes, of learning from each other, of going rad together, of sobering down together. You know, from crushing on a jerk to falling in love with an adorable boy – you want that rather than being called the “World’s Perfect Girlfriend” by Mr. Nice who always has the best words that he would use with whoever he was with anyway. The fact that they do the same things with all the girlfriends they have, it’s a turn off already. The bad guys on the other hand, they’re random and not stale. It’s more about being in the moment and not planning every word they say or everything they do so that it just seems perfect. Spontaneity, it brings with it the element of surprise and girls they love surprises. When a boy, despite issues of his own, be it back in school, back home or on that muddy football field, takes those few seconds to tell you how they feel about you not because they have to but because they want to – you know you’re loved.

So be that douche bag. Do the things that you do. You’ve got us to make you do things you’ve never done before. In all our singularity, we’ll do what we do best. It’s not about having a perfect relationship or doing the right things at the right time and saying the right words to the right person but doing it all your way. The nice guy, in all his perfection, thinks that every relationship should be perfect. And so that would make all his relationships alike. Dude, are you kidding me? Monotony – we loathe.