Go Beyond The Usual – It’s Worth It

There’s a fine line between life and death but as we cross that line there is a lot that happens. You achieve some things, you fail at some. Some of these make a huge impact on your life while some just pass by like the wind blows. It is better done than said and we so we want to do it all- at least some of us.

It isn’t all about the academics or being the best child in the class nor is it about being the outstanding student of the year in your college or the best employee of the year. All these titles, they’re temporary because the next year, there will be another you taking home those very trophies. But when it comes to doing things you love, living practical experiences – you can know for sure it’s going to be all about you.

Life is full of opportunities – irrespective of being big or small – waiting to be grabbed. We’re like crows and an opportunity would be like a dead rat in the middle of a busy street. You have cars speeding across the road, like obstacles in life, about to knock you down or run over you. But yet, the keeps going back to the dead rat till it owns it. Similarly, you strike out at your opportunity, till it’s in your bag. Animals could get wild. But have we ever wondered why? It’s either self defense or just grabbing an opportunity that comes their way. So can’t we?

If you’re good at something why not do it? If you can sing or dance or draw, go do it. If you can take on responsibility, create a platform for those who want to sing, dance or draw.  There’s always room for something. If you don’t have a talent to showcase, create a platform for those who wish to. Sometimes, it’s about doing things that make you happy. It’s about feeling that high after accomplishing what you desired. You set a goal, to win it – there’s no better feeling in the world. After which you realise, you’ve learnt so much more about the world and the people living in it than from the books you hoard in your bookshelf. You can read about a lot of cases and learn from them. But why not create your own case study and know for yourself? Given the chance, it’s golden!