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Wanting For Forever

I know you like me, you know I like you. We know we’re crazy. But why can’t you romance me? If you want me, you must come claim me. A guy asking a girl out may be old school. But I believe in old school. I like the “cliché”. I don’t mean to be stereotypical. I’ve asked a guy out before. But with you, I want it to be you. I want to be treated like a princess, pampered with attention, all your attention.

I don’t want it to be just casual now. Maybe, I want more. I don’t want you looking at me from the corner of your eye but looking right at me and not caring about those who stare. I want you to be typical without doing the typical things they do. I want to be swept off my feet not with expensive presents but a simple hug. I want you to give me all your attention, at least most of it. I want you take me to watch the football match you’ve waited for. I want you to share your fanaticism with me as we sip on beers nuzzled up together. I want you to read the books I read, with me. I want you to watch movies with me, even if they’re over the phone. And amid all that I want you to charm me – All this shall follow.

Don’t wait for me to make the move. No, don’t text or email me. We could do without the virtual world for a bit. And no, I don’t need a fancy dinner – you could do it on a crowded street and I would still love it. I want you to say it to my face, I want to see it in your eyes. I want to hear you say that you love me. I want to see you gush over me, I want to hold your sweaty palms. I want to feel the shiver in your voice. I want see the shyness when I accept. And after all that, I want to feel our first kiss. The kiss, we’ve had run over and over in our minds. And if I dilly-dally and spoil your moment, shut me up. Pull me close, make me feel the rush and just kiss me already. And after feeling the frenzy, hold me close till I know it’s real. I want you to lock your hand in mine and make me feel like I’m yours now and not just another girl walking down the street.

But first, take my hand, challenge me, you can scream and be crazily romantic because the perfect moments are meant for perfect screenings anyway. I want you to look at me like the best thing you’ve ever seen and not regret any thought you’ve had about me. I want you to be passionate. And when you’re doing all this, I want to be the only thing on your mind. I want you to do it because when you think about us, you know it’s for real.

7 thoughts on “Wanting For Forever Leave a comment

  1. i guess u hav narrowed down ur desire for perfect love n its been quite long since ur post so wana ask did u even slightly got wat u wished for


  2. There is not beauty in perfection. And the above mentioned isn't perfect yet is amazing inspite of its imperfections. There's a fine line there that probably only I would understand given it's a personal experience 🙂 it is however perfect for me, if you that's what you intended to ask.


  3. there is no beauty in perfection n yet ppl expect for perfection but i dnt blame u maybe its the human heart dats is afraid of accepting the perfection maybe afraid to jinx it


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