Beyond Perfection

Maybe our teenage years are too soon to tell if we’ve experienced true love or not. Maybe what we feel isn’t acknowledged by the rest and we’re told it’s a passing phase. But we know, that it’s only during this time that we experience the most pure and innocent love and no other love or relationship will compare to it. It is only with your first love that you believe it will last forever, beating the odds. It’s that first kiss you will never forget, it’s the first time you held someone’s hand with love and didn’t want to let go, it’s that hug under the starlit sky you’ll forever cherish, it is those nights in the rain you’ll never get back, it’s that part that holds your first joys and excitement, it’s that love you will never regret despite your perfect definition of love being crushed.
It is the happiest love you experience in spite of your immaturity and other distractions. The best part of your heart is then saved for that one person and no matter what, no one else manages to conquer it. And we’ll never know whether our first love will be the last or whether it will even last that long but having experiencing something as powerful and giving yourself away to that moment proves that it was real and not just a passing phase. 
Today, he would’ve found his real love and settled down. 
Back then, you may not have been his first love.
But it was real for you and will always be beyond anything else you will ever experience.
And someday, you may experience true love that was written for you by the Universe but will it ever over write your first love?