Gift Of Fantasy Over The Wisdom Of Reality

In reality we all lie, everyone lies. You, me, him and her!

Consider every situation and I realise that there isn’t a single person in my life who wouldn’t have lied – some for good reasons while some for bad. We all wear different masks for different reasons, including me.

Step out on the street and you have someone randomly smile at you, do they really mean it? In college, you’re welcomed with warm hugs and the, “Oh, you look so pretty today.” You have a friend who is lying to you about busy. Your parents lie to you when they say everything is really alright. Your siblings are most often lying to you when they tell you that you’re their best friends. Your lover is lying to you when they say they’ll do anything in the world for you. The beggars on the road are lying to you when they say that they wish for your goodwill. Your parents lied to you about the tooth fairy. You’re lying to yourself when you think you’re the best. And then, there’s you, lying back about so many other things to the rest of the world as well.

Each day, there are so many things that occur, that make you believe that life in general is overrated. But what really is overrated is the concept of trying to be so realistic. Maybe it’s easier to let the nuts and bolts loose for a change.

Right here, right now I’m not sure what or who I want to believe in. I’m not sure if I can believe in myself but there’s some force that doesn’t let me drop my faith in humanity. We will complain about being inhumane or how we’re treated badly or how unfair life turns out to be. But if you look back at the generations that have grown and that are yet growing, you realise that in spite of all the given deceit we’ve found ourselves a pretty decent niche in this World after all.

Running abstract is what has done us the good by far, it’s done me some good. And given an option, I’d rather imagine a fantasy than rave about actualities and be so particular about a perfect existence.