So What Is Christmas…

Is Christmas just about awaiting Santa Claus or is it celebrating the birth of Baby Jesus? After all this time, I’m not sure where we’re headed in terms of really celebrating this joyous festival. What is the essence of this festival?

Each year, there’s an excitement that bubbles within. It’s an excitement of a cheerful month, that of giving. Isn’t that what we believe? That Christmas is God’s gift to us? But where is God in all of it today?

Over-powered by its commercial face value, Christmas has turned into just another occasion to party, to make merry, to drink in galore, to enjoy. While it adds to the fancies of those who which to indulge the same and of course benefits those who use the occasion to market and sell themselves, it’s beginning to deteriorate its true value.

How many of us really know where the image of Santa emerged from? We believe him to be St. Nicholas yes, but his image is a marketing gimmick that was created years ago by some brand and has now turned into a yearly tradition that we do not fail to follow. In all the fun, why is it so easy to forget the religious aspect of the festival? The birth of any new born child is beautiful, why not this one? The same child who was born to save us from sin. He wasn’t born in a lavish hospital like you and me but in a manger with no bed. Yet the wonders that he worked cannot be compared to any of our Worldly achievements.

There are many who don’t believe in Christ the Lord which I think is fair for their given reasons.  You don’t always have to see to believe and then there are still a few in the World who believe that faith can work wonders and that God, came along as man at one point. And I’ve learnt that it is that very faith which is celebrated. It’s a change in our ways that is celebrated because from that day on, we were renewed in a way.

The exchange of sweets, the exchange of gifts, buying new clothes, visiting family and friends, going out carol singing, building a crib, putting up a star – all the gestures that spread the cheer. The joy of a child being, the one who turned tears to laughter.

I don’t lead the most perfect life or say the most correct things at the right moments but this Christmas has taught me to, in a way, value my blessings and needs and not just my wants. I’ve learnt to value the importance of a good home and a loving family. It’s that day of the year when you believe that your sins will be forgiven and that there is still hope to rise above the wrong you’ve done. It’s that day when you know that in spite of the troubles around, a ray of hope is born. It’s that day when joy is brought to the World. 

And this faith that you experience is magical and that to me, is what Christmas is about. Feeling magical!

So what is Christmas…