It’s A New Start

Another year gone by, many more memories created. As time passed, many new friends came along and some drifted apart. While some friends buried the hatchet, some chose to end a beautiful journey. The year had its sad endings but it also showed beautiful beginnings. Not only did I explore the World but I explored myself within too.

I learnt my weaknesses, I learnt my strenghts. I learnt that tears could just roll down, I learnt that a smile didn’t need an occasion. I learnt that friends were important in life, I learnt that family created my life. I cried, I laughed, I learnt the importance of responsibility, I learnt the value of ones presence, I fought, I made amends, I fell out of love, I fell into something deeper than love.

As this year comes to an end, I thank those who made the past 365 days of 2011 worthwhile and I truly apologise to those who I hurt during that while.

My prayer is for you to have a brilliant New Year and where ever we go, I hope for our love to find us there.

Happy New Year