On The Payroll

From conception to death, we cross various milestones. Beginning from your first word spoken, to the first  step taken, it goes on to passing out of school and then graduating from college and eventually to getting your first job. Each brings with it a thrill, a sense of achievement that only your being understands. There’s no other happiness in the world that will over power these wins. It further goes on to buying your first home, your first vehicle, to finding your soul mate and then starting a family. It’s a circle of life that will carry on with your child, grandchildren and if you’re among the lucky few, even, your great grandchildren.

No job is ever small or big and your first interview is always the most crucial one. If you can tackle that well, you know, you can tackle them all. Knowing that you’re now taking on your own responsibility and that of others makes you feel so proud.
The first month, you’re a nervous wreck. You hope you’re saying the right things at the right time, you hope you’re doing the right thing, you hope you’re not in the bad books of your employer. And once that month passes and you’re happy about your performance, in your mind, you’ve won a huge battle. You’ve done what you least expected because in your head, you’re a fresher – still a student.

In a month, you bear the fruit of your hard-work. The pay check in your hand, and you stand still in awe of that piece of paper. All your life, till that moment, you’ve had to borrow money from your parents, family members or friends. But on that, it’s your own money in your hand and you can proudly say that you’ve done something in your life, for yourself and for those around you.

It’s an experience no other can beat. It’s a feeling that can’t be expressed. It’s a challenge taken up, a battle won, a game played and bowled over.

As the adrenaline is gushing, you score now or never. Your first job will always be the best job because you learn its importance, you learn the value of taking on responsibility, you learn difference it makes to you!

The rest follows!