Was It Really Love?

I’m not going to try to make you love me anymore. Do you really want to love me?

Love, I’ve learnt, is like that. It’s not about making the other person wait but making them want to wait – for now or for forever!

There was a time when you loved me and I loved every bit of it. At this moment however, it seems otherwise. Jumping to my own conclusions? But I’m driven to believe so.

If you really loved me we would be fighting over who should hang up first at this moment. If you still loved me I would be flooded with mushy texts from you. If you still loved me you would ensure you had all my attention and if not, picked an argument with me. I see you’ve fallen all out of love.

If you truly loved me you would’ve fought my fears and let me fall in love with you. You would’ve urged me to hold on to you because you had that control over me and my feelings, you still do. But you chose not to. You chose to let us fade away in the fumes of the one lit spark.

If you just said it out loud not caring about what would’ve happened in the future I would love you back just the same way and we would be happy. We would fight the distance, we would overcome the arguments, we would value each others’ presence, and we would still be in love.

Do I still make you want to stay for me?
Say what you feel.
Trust your instincts.
Show that you want me.
Prove that you need me.
Show me a sign that we’re meant to be.