Treat Her Like A Lady

Times are advancing and no longer will you find a one woman man and vice versa. People in fact fall in and out of love and the drop of a hat. It’s not a bad thing given not all relationships always work out for the best.

There are short loves and eternal loves, some known as flings and some known as relationships. It is a choice one makes, it is a preference one has. Though in all this I’ve come to realise that for a guy the girl he dates is after all just an object he wishes to show off to the world or an object he wishes to play with. No longer is she a girl he will pamper, spend time with, enjoy life with and do those things he couldn’t do with his “bros”. (Yes, there are boys like that too-sadly very few)

You’re out on a date and the next thing asked – “Your place or mine?”

Chivalry, I see, is long gone in men. If you keep up to their pace of thought and action, you’re hot property. If you don’t, well ladies, you’re a bore.

Girls have become a score that boys maintain. The higher you score, the cooler you are. There is no room for emotion or plain sensitivities. It’s true no one wants a wife or mother in their girlfriend, and we women most often tend to overlook the fact that we’re a “girlfriend” for a reason but that doesn’t give a guy a reason to back his actions of ridiculing the female race.

A girl can go to any extreme she wishes to. She can be an intelligent woman and at the same time have a happening social life. Being hot and blonde doesn’t make one any less intelligent or incapable of achieving success. On the other hand, the not so pretty ones don’t always have to be reserved silent bores.

If she doesn’t want to sleep with you, it doesn’t make her any less modern. And well, if she does decide to sleep with you it doesn’t necessarily make her a fallen woman.

Treat her like a lady and you’ll find beauty and animation all through the way. She isn’t a materialistic toy to play with and dump away, one you can accept or reject without considering her thoughts. She isn’t imposing the need for commitment but mere decency and respect. Be honest with her, with what you want from her, with how you really would treat her.

Whether the nature of one’s relationship is that of physical proximity or emotional attachment – she’s still a lady! 

Don’t lead her on only to finally dump her.