Excellence Or Mediocrity Determined By Your Attitude

Money gets you richer in wealth but not necessarily richer in happiness. I’ve noticed how a child on the street will still have a smile on his face whilst a child in a Merc has a grumpy look. Is it that one finds joy in the little that he has where as the other can’t seem to find joy yet in all his great possessions? That could be it!

Money, I believe, is an important asset to life but it isn’t the purpose of one’s existence or the “everything” of life. It is after all, what you allow it to be. You can either own it or allow it to own you. Wealth isn’t always indicated by your bank balance but also by the way you lead your life. One who drives down a Ferrari can still be a pauper while one who rides his moped is wealthy young man. One lives on loans through his lifetime just to prove a point to the world while the other serves his purpose with his limited affordability.

If what you wear defines who you are, I am still amazed by how some famous men fail to exhibit class in their personality.

When one is eventually remembered, it isn’t because of what they were but who they were. You can be a President of a country and not be remembered or a social worker and forever be cherished. It’s a pity when one’s income or status grows but they fail to grow with it. You have the position but no respect – what is its worth then?

It is important to take pride in your achievements but when that pride turns to arrogance, your achievements count no more and before you know it you’re biting dust.

After all, we live in a man-village. The more humble you are, the easier it is to tread through the world.

Alter your attitude for it to work for you and not against you! It is important to trap the monies rather than get trapped and controlled by it.