His Love

When they make a promise
They mean to break it
When they say they love you
It is for what they see overtly
When they say you’re all that’s on their mind
You wonder how
When they say they’d do anything to be with you
It’s for the physical proximity
When they say they’ll call you
It’s not then but never most often
When they do decide to be honest about how they feel
It is when they’re drunk
When they say you mean a lot to them
It’s for when it is convenient to them

They claim to understand you
Truth is, they’re not even trying 

When they say they won’t fight with you
It is for the next minute
When they say they’ll be there for you
It’s probably just in their heads
When they say you’re the most important to them
It’s after their social life
When they say they’re all yours
It is momentary
His Love.