One Step Closer

Falling in love is amazing, feeling the tingles is brilliant, dating feels wonderful, courtship gives you a high. The first few days and even months are so marvellous together. You want to listen to each other because whatever you say to each other is still novel and exciting.

By the latter months you begin to get serious about what you share (the not so brilliant part) and you start “thinking”. You think about taking it to the long term stage or leaving it at what it is. Oh well, six months is long time too. Not everyone stays happy and in love for so long with the novelty factor still being intact.

That transitional stage is the tricky one. The “before” and “after” are so much easier to deal with. It’s that bit where you either make it or break it.

Truth is, at this age, it is more about fun than companionship. And by fun I don’t mean “getting into bed” together, but fun in each other’s company. Like a friend rightly said, you will always want that “someone” to talk to about the good and bad and you can’t deny it. Being single is not what you will want for too long, even though it is a good place to be at sometimes.

And you have it all and it’s time to make the most of it. You’ve waited for it. And you wonder if it is what you wanted and if it is, maybe you should be vocal about it.

Getting there is so easy, taking it from there and getting a step closer is hard.

How do you know, after all that time that the person you’re with isn’t just the type who has wanted to pass his time but actually take your hand and walk in the crowds. You are afraid just as he is maybe and all the doubts come to mind. No more is it for the sake of it but because you really want it. Not half hearted but rather you own each other’s hearts now.

It is pressurizing. You may succumb to your fears and back out. You may think it’s not for real. It is not like the love you first felt because fear has taken over.

But in stillness – all the promises, every moment spent together, every thought shared and discussed is what you want for longer and not just the initial months. And you know it is what he wants to. You’re the closest to that person at this point, beating all the doubts and fears time brought with it.

In all this I realised, a relationship can last, for as long as you want it to.