The world feels like an ocean while I feel like a ship. At this point all that is really left to do is set at anchorage. Time flies so fast and already I’m heading towards graduation. Ten years ago, I didn’t expect to be where I am today and ten years from now I”ll probably say the same thing. It was all but a dream. Being in Bombay, being a Xavierite. But being here today it seems just like another dream to look out for. It’s more like when you’ve found one dream, you then have a new one to run after.
So there are many fish in the sea but you’ve got to find the right one, the right dream in this case. Nothing can ever be right or wrong, for you’ll know only once you try. Then again, how often is it really worth that shot anyway?
I’m still as lost as ever, sailing home again. When there’s no where else to go that is the safest haven. But till when?
New avenues await. New horizons are set every day. I’ve learnt in the past two decades, choices we make won’t always be intelligent but the after math doesn’t leave you less learned. 
As the new year comes along, the one that will then decide my fate in a way, I hope to lay down my anchor  the right shore even if it’s not the best one.