Dilemmas Uncalled For

No matter where you are, always a choice to make among people. Why can’t it all be a good web of people that you interact with? Insecurities always seem to seep right through it all. 
And then you think, if only. 
If only people could understand that they’re all equally important to you and that you cannot make a choice. If only people understood how you can’t say things you want to only because it makes them uncomfortable for no sensible reason. If only people didn’t get mad at you because you asked them a simple question. If only people didn’t doubt your loyalties but understood you truthfulness. And these people, they are the ones you truly care about and yet!
Just for the love of me, for the sake of being happy with each being. Each one having a special place, having shared a specific special memory, for being the right one at the right time – why won’t the other understand that? At times it’s your parents, other times your friends, sometimes your boyfriend and at another time your bestfriend. Why is it so tough to live not just with the one you love but also in a way with the others that they love too?