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How Do They Know?

How Do I Tell You?

How do I tell you?
That after all these years,
the sight of you,
still makes me happy,
my heart skips a beat,
and a sheepish smile,
platters itself on my face..

How do I tell you?
That I don’t even see,
the need to be beautiful,
for another pair of eyes,
but yours..

How do I tell you?
all this
and much much more..
Without sounding fake,
like I stole dialogues,
from rom-com movies..

How do I tell you?
the beautiful thoughts
which align themselves
into measured words,
are all straight from my heart,
and only for you!
~ Anonymous
Going through a list of blogs, a poem that caught my attention. A mother, a wife writes her heart out to the one she loves.
It is simply amazing how feelings transpire into words and turn into a message that will last forever for the world to see. And it so happens that one’s words fits perfectly in another’s life too.

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