Memories Linger

Sun rising on the horizon
The fields covered under a blanket of mist
Travelling home brings with it a feeling of content, of belonging.
Home is where the heart is and so it has been proven time and again. Living life on the fast track is great but deep within you know there’s always a calling from the place you’ve spent your initial years at. There are places you will always remember, there are people who build memories. It is the quiet of your hometown that beats the hustle of the upbeat streets you’ve relocated to.

Some how after years of being away, you still feel connected. You pass by a lane and remember a certain incident or pass by a certain someone and giggle to yourself. You create spots for yourself that go on to create stories for others.

When back home, you’re never tired of experimenting with new places or just riding around town. An early morning cup of tea and a late night beer is all you need to begin and end your day. The trees glide by just the wind in your face. The steady waters bring with it calmness. The green fields are so scenic to see. Watching the sun dip into the mountains is so beautiful that any spot becomes your “Sunset Point”. Watching the moon through the branches of the trees with crickets in the background is creepy alright but you wouldn’t mind sitting there just so that you have yet another wonderful remembrance to cherish. Sitting by a barn in the middle of the night with you friends brings with it a thrill. You can stand on a hill top, count the stars and the ships in the ocean and when you lose count you start all over again with deep concentration. You just ride into narrow lanes to hunt for good sea food, just because. You walk in the sand with heavy feet and sink in and giggle. You go out with your girls and boys and laugh out loud without caring what the world has to think because yes, you own the roads. You can play your playlist in the middle of the road in a quiet corner and just dance because you want to. You take a walk on a jetty and just stare into the waters. You hold onto that one person and just take in what life has to offer. You simply live in the simplest ways. You can do all that you can’t do on a upbeat busy prosperous street.

Most of all, you feel happy because you can just be with no inhibitions, no worries.