Beautiful Endings

There are so many things that have run over and over in your head and when the time comes, nothing seems to come out right. You know what you want at one point and in the next you’re blank. The human mind is like that, it plays with your sanity.  – dicey as ever. You know you have to move on, you’re just not sure when you’ve got to start from. 

You see them in movies, you read about them in books – happy endings, happy people. Coming to think of it, it isn’t far from reality but it’s not that close to it either. It’s somewhere in between. And that is where we seem to lie.

What is life if it’s not lived for yourself. Through out your decisions are taken keeping another’s sentiments in mind. Why not your own for a change? At every point, there will be another benifitting from the choice you’ve made, while another will be upset about it. While one is happy, another isn’t. What about your own happiness? 
Sometimes you wish you could your hands up in the air and just not care because for once in your life, you will be answerable just to yourself and to no one else. Commitments, responsibilities they can get to you. Ending those obligations, well, is not the best thing you may decided to do. But sometimes it is just what you need.
And then you think, the ending was a but a beautiful one only to give way to a life you can live for yourself.