Like A Star

His presence is like the wind
Not visible but always felt
He’s been there like a shadow
A hand to hold through every high and low
While some friends will come go
Without obvious caring, he never walked out of the door
Love comes in various forms
For some it’s worldly and for some unconditional
Not knowing how to put up a farce anymore
The comfort given sets the pace for an outpour
Maybe not as a boyfriend, but a true friend he stood
Not for a while, but for good
His simplicity has been his charm
Worldly vices don’t matter, just his pure heart
A tear rolls down, a smile enfolds
I’ll love you forever, always behold
Many come and many go
You are irreplaceable, now and forever more

To that boy who loved and let another love.
Something cannot be defined, “we” I believe cannot be defined.
Being abstract with you is what I’d rather have than be trimmed down to something beyond me.