Uncanny Judgments

Life in a metro is so chaotic. While one man starts his day, the other is just winding up. You will think that in all this commotion and a midst the hustle, life as we know it, goes on. But in all this chaos would one really stop to think about the shatters and fall outs that go on within? It seems to be a given for people living in a city to go on with life in spite of the troubles they go through. Why would one think that life is a lot easier in a city? Why would one not have emotional baggage to carry around, is it just because he is in a rather civilized society?

In the silence of the glamour, fuss and noise you will hear a heartbreak, a soft sigh, a cry. We are constantly moving but if you ever stop at some point, you’ll see life is not as perfect as you claim it to be. We may have the riches, the best lifestyles but somehow you fall short of maintaining what’s prime. We’re taught to face competition and work round the clock that after a point, you stop to think what’s next. And given the way  of life, you keep going but all that it leads to is being judged by another idle mind. It is a contemporary world or so they say. Sadly, it doesn’t seem so with what is being portrayed. Each one is pushed out to fend for themselves,a woman or a man it is a dog eat dog world. Just because one is rather liberal and not as conservative  as expected to be, an unpleasant remark may be passed so easily.

I fail to understand why a girl in a city is considered to be a lot more easy going than a girl from a “not so modern” society. What is the difference? Lack of exposure? Isn’t that what causes one to step on to the wrong track in the first place? A boy is more likely to do drugs and families are broken. They assume no communication, they assume no humanness. Have you ever wondered it could be the other way round? Given the rationality we base our ways on, it isn’t as full of sin and vices as you imagine it to be.
People living in cities are not heartless!
One can be stereotypical about practically everything but isn’t that unfair to those being targeted? Which bracket do you fall under then? How can one judge somebody by the way they dress? The “best” of people have leg the most uncanny lives. It is yet difficult to get out of the box created in our minds because we like to feel better about ourselves by letting down another. Ridiculously true!
“Half the world tries to be the other half.”
Sometimes I wonder if that is what it’s really about. One trying to be another and in failing the same, you bring down the other. It works both way, no doubt about that. But in our hustle just because we don’t care, what gives you the right to trim down one’s life  and be so unfair?

Truth is, we do it all. We laugh, we cry, we hate, we love, we think, we do. It’s just a matter of noticing that in the crowded trains, on the noisy roads, in the narrow lanes, in a bus fully loaded there are people everywhere who are not robotic but equally human.