Stairway To Heaven On Earth

When alone to yourself, you realize all that matters is what’s in the present. Nothing from the past and nothing from the future. It’s what you do with what you have in the present.

You think you can leave it to fate most often. But is that the solution to every undying problem? If not for today what is tomorrow’s worth after all!

And so it’s time to live like it’s heaven on earth. No guarantee of an after life. The good and the bad will fall into our laps right here and right now. While they say “it goes on”, till when do you live by that assumption and fail to act?

A lot of times we may not reach the peak we wished to be at, or have attained the goal we intended to achieve but we definitely get where we need to be or are rather meant to be. It is all, somehow, chalked out. Most often, we don’t have a clue about it but it falls into place.

It’s a confusing act but we’re subject to it without a choice. Good times and bad, it’s part of it. I’ve learnt that everything around will take course. Though you’ve got to pave the way to ensure a constructive stairway to heaven on earth.