Assume, Maybe Not

“Assumptions are the termites of relationships.” How does a human mind not assume? Even the strongest person faces insecurities. Yes, they work in extremes and are subject to ones nature though what follows does not always bear good fruit.

Assumptions, most often on the down side, only work to worsen a relationship. Sometimes with our parents, other times with our friends. To trust is tough but not impossible.

Assumptions further leading to confirmed thoughts in one’s mind that may not even be true. Why can’t another enjoy their own space without being doubted or judged? While it is true that we all need relationships to sustain in a sane manner, we also require our alone time. Besides, we also require a change in scenarios. And, this is only to explore a rather rejuvenated mood. 

Life’s a roller coaster ride. And emotions can only get the better of us along this ride. It’s like the high you feel when at a speed that fears you. Maybe it is this very conflict that strengthens relationships, but at times it’s the very conflict that causes them to fall apart as well. 

As parents, friends, children, family, lovers, people in society – if we could only learn to restrict these assumptions to valid reasons rather than open ended thoughts? They won’t be termites after all.