Fresh Start?

If only life could just start over. New places and new faces maybe. Well that isn’t possible, as I see it but what if? You can’t run or hide from your problems but if the people you care most about are a part of it, you wish you weren’t the one causing the pain.

Time is too short and nothing will ever last forever, that is but true. Would that mean you don’t take anything seriously? Or maybe just make it seem like forever while it lasts.

Maybe sometimes I just want to runaway and sometimes I just want to stay. Dilemmas in my mind but this is life eh? When you have it you blow it and when you don’t you crave for it. Oh us humans!

So sometimes you just let the night fall and the morning come along. You go with the flow, with every else the same but you have changed. It may seem impossible but then again, we do the unruly anyway. As opposed to what a sane mind would think, doing just otherwise seems right somehow. You’re not really running away from the usual beat but trying to create a new one only to feel better.

And there it is, a fresh start!